SAMI Corporation has been making efforts to deliver fresh taste and flavor to the customers through continuous product development for manufacturing various types of high-quality products including latte powder, latte paste, and smoothie base (FRUITEA). In an effort to meet the growing need for safety, the company has acquired the HACCP certification as of 29th May 2012. All members of SAMI Corporation are always ready to devote ourselves to the best knowledge and the philosophy of supplying the finest and safest foods combined with developed technology, accurate market research, and enthusiasm.

HACCP certified by KFDA on all products! Vision & Core value SAMI Corporation, the market leader in foodservice with non-coffee beverage bases.


  • 2010s
    • 2018.04Bevercity stick launched.
    • 2016.03A new brand BI ‘Bevercity’ launched.
    • 2016.03Premium ice cream mix launched.
    • 2014.07100% organic certified ’Green tea latte powder’ (Jeju Island, Korea) launched.
    • 2012.05HACCP certified by KFDA on all products.
    • 2012.05Fruitea portion smoothie, and Real Ade launched.
    • 2012.02An affiliated research institute established.
    • 2011.05CI changed.
    • 2011.04New plant in Jeongeup is opened.
    • 2010.08Premium green tea latte, and Premium black tea latte powder launched.
  • 2000s
    • 2009.10hestnut latte paste launched.2009.10
    • 2005.01Sweet potato latte paste, and Pumpkin paste launched.2005.01
    • 2004.04Torani syrup & sauce, No.1 in North America, 2004.04
    • imported exclusively in Korea.              
    • 2002.01Green tea latte powder, and Yogurt powder launched.2002.01
  • 1990s
    • 1998.12Fruit flavored concentrated syrup for smoothie base ‘Fruitea’ launched.
    • 1998.12Vitamix blender imported exclusively in Korea.
    • 1990.08SAMI Corporation Foundations. (Aug. 15, 1990)
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